Octic Capital Management is a boutique, alternative investment firm specializing in private offerings investing in the emerging digital asset and cryptocurrency space. The firm seeks to deliver low correlation alphas to institutions, family offices, and high net-worth investors.

The Octic All-Weather Blockchain Fund’s multi-strategy approach utilizes a suite of systematic, data-driven cryptocurrency investment strategies based on quantitative and fundamental inputs. A quantamental approach along with discretionary oversight is critical to optimize risk-adjusted returns in the long-term evolution of the cryptocurrency markets.

Active risk management is integral to the long-term success of our Fund.  Our multi-strategy, quantamental approach is designed to navigate the emerging cryptocurrency market and allows the Stonegate Octic portfolio team the ability to adapt their investment approach as structurally persistent alpha sources shift. Key to managing risk and limit downside is our robust research, nimble system allocation, careful management of net exposure, and the potential to profit in any market environment.

The investment objective is to maximize long-term risk-adjusted returns while maintaining steady short-term performance in all market environments. Utilizing a combination of quantamental based strategies and discretionary oversight the portfolio management team is optimally poised to succeed in both the current and future phases of the cryptocurrency market.


30+ years of cumulative experience managing assets at proprietary trading firms, hedge funds, and banks

Risk Legacy

A decade of continuous risk adjusted outperformance managing portolios with assets in excess of $100 million USD


Multi-strategy approach seeks to profit in all markets, looking to maximize long­term risk-adjusted returns


We automate, scale, and enhance traditional valuation and econometric models for robust and timely insight

Management Team


Principal & Head of Trading

Wei Liu

Wei previously worked as the head trader for JE Moody & Co. where he was responsible for the fund’s relative value trading desk that managed $500 million in assets under management. Wei was a key contributor to the firm’s trading model research and developed multiple trading models for the fund. Wei holds a M.S. in Computational Finance from one of the earliest computational finance programs with a 4.0/4.0 GPA and has over a decade of experience trading and researching commodity, FX, interest rate, equity, option, and futures markets. Wei also holds a Master of Urban and Regional Planning and previously worked in quantitative urban and geographical data analysis and real estate investments.


Principal & Head of Strategy

Benjamin Blodgett

Ben is a trader and strategist that worked under Wei Liu at JE Moody & Co. while earning his undergraduate degree. There he developed and live-traded a futures volatility arbitrage trading system and was consequently offered a capital pool by Dr. Moody. He has since worked in New York as a discretionary proprietary trader for Trillium Trading, a quantitative/algorithmic proprietary trader at Tower Hill Trading, and was most recently at the Alternative Investment Group at Morgan Stanley where he consulted a channel of over 17,000 financial advisors on relative value/statistical arbitrage strategies and funds.


Principal & Head of Business Development

Luke Blodgett

Luke is a blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trader who has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2012. Mr.Blodgett is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has raised venture capital in China for several businesses he founded, ran, and successfully exited during his seven years living in China. Prior to running his current company Mr. Blodgett spent nine years in the technology field.


Senior Research Scientist

Brice Lemke

Brice has worked in quantitative finance for over a decade.  Brice has run models for asset allocation strategies at Mellon Capital Management, researched and implemented alpha generation at Geode Capital Management, been a Portfolio Construction analyst at PanAgora Asset Management, and worked as a Senior Quantitative Analyst at HedgeServ. He has a double B.A. in Physics and Philosophy from U.C. Berkeley, a M.S. in Physics from Rutgers, and graduate certificates from Stanford in Quantitative Finance, Data Mining, and Artificial Intelligence. He also holds the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst), CQF (Certificate in Quantitative Finance), and FRM (Financial Risk Manager) certifications.  He has been following the cryptography movement since the late 90s and is excited to combine his passion for financial modeling and cryptographic assets.



John McCorvey III

John McCorvey III is the Founder and CEO of Stonegate Digital Capital Group, a private equity firm which owns a family of blockchain technology investment management companies and traditional fund management companies. Mr. McCorvey has almost 25 years of experience serving private clients in the alternative and institutional investments industry. Mr. McCorvey began his institutional investment career in 1994 as a financial analyst for the Florida State Board of Administration, the now ~$150 billion pension fund for the state of Florida, performing analysis for multiple portfolios for the fund’s assets which then totaled approximately $65 billion.  Mr. McCorvey was the senior vice president of Neovest, which was subsequently sold to JP Morgan in 2005. Mr. McCorvey served as the senior vice president of MadisonGrey, (which, at the time was Bank of Butterfield’s domestic Hedge Fund Administration business) where he led the firm’s growth from approximately $100 million assets under administration to approximately $2 billion until 2007 upon founding Stonegate Global. Mr. McCorvey studied investment management at Harvard Business School, successfully completing the Private Equity and Venture Capital program.

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